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First week passed

Here I am. Back to my humble Blog. One week passed, and I’m loving the new job. During these first days, I had to learn how to move around the already existing codebase, and at the same time had to learn the CEGUI library. I’ll need to learn more along

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Now, that’s luck!!!

I’m such a lucky guy! hehe. First day at work, and I’m sick. My eyes hurt, all my muscles, my head. I think it’s flu… First one in a long time. Still, I think I’ll be able to work.

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That’s it…

That’s it! Tomorrow (15 January), I start full time as a game programmer. Still some things left to sort out in my last job, so during the next few days I’ll need to be available to fix some things on the last tasks. Nothing too complicated, I hope.

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