czPlayer Sound System

NOTE: As of 2013, I’m not actively developing czPlayer anymore (apart from small features/fixes old clients request). I’ll probably make the source code available someday.

czPlayer Sound System is a multi-platform sound system, oriented for mobile games.


  • One single API for Windows, Windows Mobile (Pocket PC/Smartphone), Symbian, and Palm.
  • “hands-off” approach, letting the developer specify his own memory manager, logging, etc. It assumes the least possible about the environment in which the developer will use it.
  • Support for MOD, IT, WAV (PCM, IMA/MS ADPCM), and more to come
  • Highly configurable build to balance codesize/features. For example, you can easily build without features you don’t need in your game, thus decreasing codesize.
  • The author is directly available to help with custom changes or needed features/tweaks (depends on the license obtained).

For licensing information and prices contact me.


czPlayer demo (win32 only) – Only includes the DLL version for Win32. Full version includes all the other platforms and static libs.

Version history