That time of the year, again

Once again that time of the year! People rushing and transit seems like hell. Just try and do some shopping! You’ll spend more time in your car and in wait lines than actually shopping.
Personally, I think Christmas has become too much a commercial holiday, with signs “Consume!” all over the place. Don’t get me wrong. I wish I had the money to spend on all the gadgets and stuff I want, but take as an example:

  • One month before Christmas, and you already see Ads targeting that day;
  • Credit campaigns to make you spend the money you don’t have. “Buy now and pay it later”. Ever thought about it? If you don’t watch out, and let yourself go in that shopping frenzy, sooner or later it will come back and byte you in the ass;
  • On TV, Ads all day targeting children.

Rushing to buy all the presents? Wondering if you should buy one for that friend of a friend? Will that special person like the present?
Did you ever stopped to think… “Maybe I should just forget the presents, and focus on what’s really important?“. People! Relationships! Family!
Why giving a present in this particular day, if once again, for one entire year you’ll be too busy to show how much you love them. Chances are a present will be forgotten. Instead, dedicate Christmas day to the ones you love. Offer them your presence, your help, your love and dedication, without expecting anything in return, just for one single day. If you are also special to that person, that kind of action will be much more appreciated than any present, and will be remembered for life.
As years passed by, life has taught me how important family and friends are. It’s ironic how things turned out. Like the old saying:
You never know what you got until it’s gone..
I’ve been 5 years of my life disconnected from family and friends, just to find out the hard way how much I need them in my life. If it weren’t for them, I’m not sure I couldn’t make it trough 2006.

Nuff said!
I’m pretty sure the year of 2006 is the turning point for me. Things are starting to fall in place, on the personal side, job, and financial.
I’ve finally met someone really special, I’ve got the job opportunity I’ve been waiting all my life, and I’m slowly getting out of debt after an hard time due to my divorce back in 2005.
Things really do look promising. I’ve never been so eager to start a new year!
It’s so good to have a sense of direction! To be sure what path you want to follow! To feel you’re not lost, to know where you want to be in the future.

As an added bonus, since I was really nice boy this year (overall), I’ll be in Azores for the New Year’s Eve, next to the person I love.

Azores-2 Azores
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

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