Back to Azores, once again…

One month later, here I am, back to Azores Islands. What can I say? I like this land, despite some bad things that happened the last time I was here, but has the saying goes… Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely..

Also, I’ve felt my first earthquake this last Thursday. Quite an experience it is… to wake up at 7am with your bedroom shaking! Was nothing serious tough… just a small one. Work has kept me under pressure, so my daily routine has been basically the same, for some time now! Work by day, and socialize a little at night with friends, which has been great so far. I had to work these last two weekends, but always found the time to hang out with friends a little every day, be it in my home land, or here in Azores. That always helps to relax.

I’ll post some more photos soon. Still.. no games development related posts, yet!

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