gEasy cancelled contract with Publisher

The first day I was supposed to start working for gEasy, they tell me they cancelled the contract with their publisher.

That means I’m available for any other contracts, if anyone reads this. 🙂
Meanwhile, I’m working on my own projects, which should get me some income, particularly with BitRabbit.

Also, soon I’ll start posting some game development articles. I already have some topics planned to start with, like:

– Game states
– Sound
– Networking (maybe)

Its just some ideas I want to start with. Graphics is out of that list for a while.
I will most probably concentrate on mundane tasks I encountered and learned during the time I worked on Galactic Melee. Those things we don’t think about when we first start a game, but eventually we’ll get to it, like how to manage game states (menu, gameplay, credits, etc), or how to plan the code for a UI screen, which is in fact easy, but for a non-trivial UI screen, you’ll find yourself complicating the code a lot whenever you want to add more functionality.For that, planning with state-diagrams and implementing it with that approach too, made things a lot easier for me.

Anyway, as soon as I start posting those articles, if they are of any interest to you, you can buy me a coffee (read __donation__). You should see a link on the sidebar for that.

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