First public version of czPlayer Sound System (0.1.0)

I’ve just released the first public version of czPlayer Sound System.

There are still things to improve and features to add, but a client is already using it as-is, so I chose to release it right after some documentation updates and small fixes/improvements. I have a huge list of things I want to improve, but I know myself. I’m a perfectionist, and as a result I’m never really happy with my code. So if I just kept on this cycle, I would never release it ! 🙂
Better release something and work from there, than to be stuck improving and never release it.

As some of you might know already. czPlayer it’s a multiplatform sound system for games. Right now it supports Windows, Windows Mobile (PocketPC/Smartphone), Symbian, and PalmOS (full ARM with prc-tools). The formats supported so far are MOD and IT for music, and WAV for sound. The next ones to come are probably ADPCM and Ogg Vorbis, but that depends on the needs of my clients, and the priority of others things left to do.

If you’re interested in a commercial license, or using it in freeware, check it out: czPlayer Sound System

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