czPlayer Sound System

Finally I resumed work in some of my own projects. I’ve been working on my Sound System (czPlayer), which I intend to license to BitRabbit.

About czPlayer Sound System:
Platforms supported:
– Win32
– Pocket PC
– Symbian
– Palm
– Sound.. of course. 😛
– MOD and IT support
– More to come.

czPlayer codebase started around 1998, when I created a music disk (See ) with some friends. I’ve done all the code, and two friends of mine the gfx and sfx. We we were still using MS-DOS at that time.
Everything was coded in Watcom C++ compiler which was the best DOS compiler at the time, and the PMODE/W dos extender.

I think we’ve done everything in our summer vacations, in 2-3 months
At that time, czPlayer was called Jupiter Sound System or something like that. It had nice features for a DOS sound library, supporting SB mono to SB 16, Gravis Ultrasound with both hardware and software mixing to overcome some limitations. See (

Maybe I’ll post here a video or the music disk itself later.

Anyway, most of the code was refactored by now, and doesn’t look like the old code.

It’s nice to be back to my projects.

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