Multiplatform issues

While porting my sound engine to other platforms I came across several platform limitations.
The easier one, turned out to be Win32 and Windows Mobile, of course. The harder ones, Symbian and Palm.
What I’ve learned so far is that when coding multiplatform code, its really hard to keep the design as we want. We often need to hack stuff to defeat platform limitations.
With the limitations I knew about, I started refactoring and changing the design of the library. When I had all set, to avoid Symbian limitations, and started the Palm port, more problems!
The lack of documentation on some platforms doesn’t help either.
It’s really frustrating this kind of situation when we have scarce documentation, follow the rules, and it still fails. A lot of trial and error, where along the way we find small platform quirks which are not documented, or deeply buried in the documentation.
I’ve done a lot of refactoring, to account for the limitations I already knew about while at the same time keeping a reasonably clean design, but then I found more limitations on Palm.
It’s time for more refactoring to overcome more limitations!
I usually like to say…
If it can be done, I can do it.… But it may take a while! 🙂

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